Trip to Phuket – Part 3 – Lion Muay Thai

07/03 – Evening

Today was a rest day, my body was depleted of all energy and needed a recovery day, and I think today did just the trick!!!

I woke up late about 9 or 10am.  After that I had some breakfast at Tony’s.  After eating I packed all my things gave the key back and went down the road to a local restaurant and had coke and waited for my friend Bill to pick me up.  At about 1pm my friend Bill came and picked me up.  Bill took me over to Lion Muay Thai.  It was good to see him again, I hadn’t seen him since I trained at Master Toddy’s Gym in Bangkok over a year ago.  I arrived at Lion Muay Thai at about 1:30pm.


The signs you will see as you arrive at Lion


Road down to the gym


The Big Lion you will see when you walk down the path, also an office.


The look from the front of the gym


One of the Bugalows

Whilst at Lion Muay Thai I was staying with my friend Niki.  I had seen the rooms on the website and was expecting them to be bigger then what they are, the room are quite small, must be the smallest room I have ever stayed in, but its somewhere to stay.  The room had a queen size bed, flat screen TV, wardrobe, and toilet.  It was all nice, however while I was there I had to use the toilet bum gun to shower as the pressure wasn’t strong enough, I don’t know why Niki didn’t say anything about it in all her stay/

I chilled with my friend Niki before going off to watch the Muay Thai session.

The Muay Thai Gym

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 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Today I was taking a rest so didn’t train, I only watched the training and took some photo’s.

The Muay Thai session went like this:

  • Skipping – 15 minutes.
  • Stretching in a  group
  • Shadow Sparring –  5 minutes
  • Muay Thai Sparring – 3 minutes x 3 rounds
  • Bag work- 3 minutes x 5 rounds
  • Pad work – 3 minutes x 5 rounds
  • Stretching in a  group


Starting with skipping



??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Shadow Boxing and technique


Boxing Sparring

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Pad Work



Bag Work

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Muay Thai Sparring

The Muay Thai was quite good, all the trainers I watched had their different styles and took an interest in their student, whether they were basic, advanced or a pro fighter, they worked at your level.  They helped with at least 1 technique for that round on pads.  On the bags you were on your own as the trainers were focusing on the fighters on the pads.  There were fighters of all different sizes.  I didn’t really get to feel the level of the fighters because I was watching.

Here is a clip from the Muay Thai training


After most of the people had finished their bag work and pad work I went off with Niki to get something to eat, we went to a fried chicken with rice restaurant, was good and only 35 Baht per plate.

After food we went back to her room to relax.  At 7pm I did the boxing session.  The boxing session was taken by Luka “Jaguar” Rachovchi.

The Boxing class went like this:

  • Skipping – 15 minutes.
  • Shadow Sparring –  5 minutes
  • Walking drills – 4 laps
  • Boxing sparring in small area – 3 minutes x 3 rounds
  • Boxing sparring – 3 minutes x 3 rounds

The boxing started with skipping, after that we partnered up and did walking forward bobbing in between arms and then backwards bobbing.

Next was slipping from four punches, tabbing the four punches, rolling 2 hooks, and blocking 2 hooks.  On this drill we stayed still no moving forward or backwards, just slipping and rolling.

Lucas made 3 small area’s 4 square metres, and this was the boxing ring for each pair, if someone stepped out of this area they would have to do 10 push-ups, you had to throw quick combo’s and move around.  We rotated through different partners, 3 different people.  Whilst doing this I received tips from Lucas to improve small things which I didn’t see.

Next was moving into a bigger area, 2 partners went into the ring and 1 outside.  In this it was sparring with a bigger area to move.

Here is a clip from boxing sparring


Everyone in the Boxing session


Me and Luka

I really enjoyed this class, Lucas was always keeping a watch over everyone and helping and giving tips.  He would find something that worked for you.  Giving you words of encouragement, and if he saw something you could improve on he would stop you and help you with this.  Really feel if I stayed in this class I could improve my boxing skill.  The level of sparring partners was ok, but didn’t cause me huge problems.

After the class I went back to the room to relax.

08/03 – Evening

Today was my 1st Muay Thai session at Lion Muay Thai.

I was woken up by my friend Niki at 7:30am, soon after this I went back to sleep for 5 minutes.  I think she went off for a run, my legs were still hurting from the weeks fatigue, and I was being super lazy, I will start running next week in Bangkok.

I woke up at about 7:40am, put my shorts and T-shirt on and went down to the Gym which was just on my door step.

The Muay Thai session went like this:

  • Skipping – 15 minutes.
  • Stretching in a group
  • Shadow Sparring –  5 minutes x 2 rounds
  • Bag work – 3 minutes x 5 rounds
  • Pad work – 3 minutes x 4 rounds
  • Clinching and sparring without protection – 20 minutes
  • Stretching in a  group

The Muay Thai session in the morning session started with skipping then shadow sparring.  During the shadow sparring the trainers helped a few people at beginner level, but myself they looked at me and walked on.

After 2 rounds of shadow sparring I put on my gloves and went on the bag.  This was done alone as all the trainers were working with students.

I was called into the furthest ring, ring number 3, I worked with Kru Bee.  Doing pads with Bee was good.  It was my first session with him so it took 1 round to work each other out, by the end of the 4 rounds we had got an understanding with each other.  Doing pads with Bee had been up there with the good pad holders I have worked with over the years I have been doing Muay Thai.  During the morning pad session with Bee he got me out of jumping slightly on my teep which I do occasionally, making everything more solid.  He would sometimes try to hit me and see if my guard was there on different parts of my body.


Kru Bee

After waiting for 5 minutes, Bee called me up to the 1st ring to do some clinching with him.  When a Thai fighter or trainer asks to clinch with you and they don’t know your level in clinching they get a shock when you trip them and take them down.  That is exactly what happened.  After he realized my level he raised his game and gave me a challenge which I enjoyed.


I also did some sparring with Bee where we would throw attacks at each other but when contact, it would be minimal, so neither of us would be hurt.


Everyone from the morning session

After training I showered and went and got some food with Niki. We bought some BBQ chicken and sticky rice.  We took it back to the gym to eat.  It didn’t take long before the cats at the gym were coming around for their take, lucky for them I couldn’t finish it so I gave them what I didn’t finish.  This was quite a bit, also Niki couldn’t finish hers, so the cats got 2.  Lucky day for them.


Got to eat nice sometimes 😛

After eating I went to sleep, in the morning I had drank some M-150, so unlucky for me I couldn’t sleep like I normally did.  This sucked but was all ok for the afternoon session.  I used this time to work on my business.

The afternoon Muay Thai session went like this:

  • Skipping – 15 minutes.
  • Stretching in a group
  • Shadow Sparring –  5 minutes x 2
  • Boxing sparring  – 3 minutes x 6 rounds
  • Bag work – 3 minutes x 5 rounds
  • Pad work – 3 minutes x 4 rounds
  • Muay Thai sparring  – 3 minutes x 3 rounds
  • Clinching  – 20 minutes

The afternoon Muay Thai session was good, a little harder than the morning session.

The skipping and shadow boxing  were the same as the morning session, just let me do my own thing and helped others.   Next I put my sparring gloves on and sparred with a fighter, he must have been between 40-50kg,  he was tough, caught me with good shots, I had to step my game up with this kid, he was only about 13.  It was good sparring with him, but being a lot lighter than me, I had to slow punches down a lot so I didn’t hurt him.  I got to work on my defensive skills more with him and counters.  Next I went with a few of the foreigners.  I would have preferred to go with one of the sponsored fighters like Umar or Anvar as these were the better fighters in the gym.  After sparring I went onto the bag and did my rounds.  I was called into the ring by Bee.

Me and Bee already had this morning session so we had got used to each other.  Bee worked me harder on pads in the afternoon, I’m not sure whether this is because it was the afternoon.  He did everything the same as the morning session.  He started to work on blocks, stomach punches.  I was expecting some more technique, but I think he was just trying to strengthen everything from the morning session.

After Pads I did some Muay Thai sparring with some of the other students, again sparring with these guys was ok.  I wasn’t really challenged by the people who I sparred with, this sparring however let me work on attacks which I usually would have found a little more difficult to do on a more skilled opponent.

After sparring it was time for clinching.  I again would have preferred to go with a Thai as it would have provided me with more of a challenge, I clinched with a bigger foreigner who I ended up teaching some techniques to, hopefully tomorrow I can have someone more my skill level.

Overall the Muay Thai session in the afternoon was good however I would have preferred to be partnered up with people more of my level.  The pad holder worked me well, however the people who I worked with in sparring and clinching with weren’t posing a challenge to me and I would have preferred to be with one of the Thai’s for this.

After The Muay Thai session I showered and got ready.  Me and Niki went off to a western restaurant to eat as I wanted some western food.  My side of the bill cost me 330 Baht, now I remember how much more expensive western food is than Thai food :(.  Well this week is a holiday so can spend a little more :D.

09/03 – Evening

Today was my final day at Lion Muay Thai and final day of the weeks training camp in Phuket.

I woke up at about 7:50am.  Getting up this late really doesn’t matter when you live on the doorstep of the gym.  Very similar to when I lived and trained at Master Toddy’s gym in Bangkok.

The Muay Thai session went like this:

  • Skipping – 15 minutes.
  • Stretching in a group
  • Shadow Sparring –  5 minutes x 2 rounds
  • Pad work – 3 minutes x 4 rounds
  • Bag work – 3 minutes x 2 rounds

The shadow boxing was again the same, just let me do my own thing.

After the shadow boxing I went on pads.  Today I went on pads with Bear.  He didn’t do with Thai pads, he started with focus mitts.  Round 1 and 2 he did with just focus Mitts, round 3 + 4 he put on a belly pad and round 5 used a kick shield.

In round 1 + 2 he worked the basic punches, jab, cross, hook, upper cut.  Bear held pads well and was solid when catching my punches.  Round 3 + 4 he did the same but added body punches, movements after the punches.  He would check my defence was there and I was getting my hands back into place.  Round 5 was more about doing the low kicks, he held the kick shield in his left and one focus mitt in his right hand.  In round 5 I would do cross low kick, or low kick and cross.  He would hit me to check my guard was there.


Kru Bear

I next went onto the bag, I felt sick after 2 rounds.  I must have eaten something bad last night, must have been the western food.

Overall the Muay Thai session was good, even though I had a different trainer today I enjoyed how he did pads, I would have preferred to be helped with technique or him to spot something, but good solid trainer.

The  rest of the day I relaxed.  I didn’t do the afternoon because of my bad stomach.

Trip to Phuket – Part 2 – Tiger Muay Thai Gym

06/03 – Evening

Personal piece of advice for anyone doing 2 full days of training when you have not trained for 2 weeks is not a god idea.  My body today was really fatigued, but I wanted to see how the training was, I will get to rest maybe tomorrow.  Not sure, will see how I feel and my body feels.

So I wanted to go train the Muay Thai in the morning and MMA and BJJ in afternoon, but I failed with that.  I woke up late.  With the Muay Thai starting at 8am, I woke up at 8:10am.  This was ok, because the no-gi BJJ started at 9am, so I had time.


I left my room at 8:30am and took around 10 minutes from Tony’s to walk to Tiger Muay Thai.


I had gone to Tiger Muay Thai yesterday to find out info and arrange things.  I arrived at the office, asked where the indoor MMA area was and they pointed me in the right direction.

I got to the indoor MMA area and was nice, all in black and spacious.  I cleaned my feet and sat down and waited for the class to start.

The class was taken by Fernando, don’t know his second name.

The class started with a warm up.  after he warm up we did some escape drills.  This related in the techniques he taught in the class.

Fernando worked on defence from the ground, using legs to defend and stop your opponent, I felt these were simple but effective once you have them in.

We learned several techniques all using this similar method.

After doing the techniques the class rolled.  I rolled with different people, being no-gi it was different.  I prefer the gi, but having no gi can make you more slippery to keep hold of.

Overall I like the no-gi class it was ore orientated towards MMA fights.  Defending against attacks from strikes but also from Ju-Jitsu techniques.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

A short clip from the rolling of no-gi BJJ at Tiger Muay Thai

After the class I went back to Tony’s, had some rice and chicken, showered and slept.

In The afternoon I took the Muay Thai class.  At Tiger Muay Thai there are 4 rings for Muay Thai, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Fighters Class.


I felt that the fighters class would benefit me the most.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

1 Ring




Open area with the bags

The fighters class went like this:

  • Tire jumping – 15-20 minutes.
  • Shadow Sparring –  5 minutes
  • Muay Thai Sparring – 3 minutes x 3 rounds
  • Bag work- 3 minutes x 3 rounds
  • Pad work – 3 minutes x 3 rounds
  • Clinching – 20-30 minutes
  • Sit-ups

In the Muay Thai class there were 6 trainers.  This was more than enough to watch and help the students.  The class had 3 Thai fighters, myself and 2 foreigners.

After the shadow boxing and Tire jumping I put on my shin guards and boxing gloves and sparred with a foreigner from USA.  His standard was good and was an enjoyable spar.  He sometimes kicked a little hard and injuries from my last fight resurfaced.  Being tired in the 1st round wasn’t helping.  I was pushing myself through every round, 2nd round I felt more strong and got more in on him, 3rd I was totally dead.   During the sparring when I was hurt and tired, the trainers pushed me and told me not to be weak, basically in the 1st round he got a kick in my ribs, in my last fight I got kneed hard in the solar plexus and this was still effecting me.  If you’re not a fighter you wouldn’t like the training telling you this, but this is sometime what you need to keep going sometime, as I was on holiday and not training for a fight I was thinking maybe of stopping, but kept going.

Next was bag work, I took this light as my body was really tired.  One of the trainers said to me it was ok, and could take today light.


Onto pads next, The pad holder I had worked me well, but soon into the 1st round I tired and my kicks, knees, elbows and punches got very weak.  I only did one round, well not even one round, I went out the ring and rested, took off my hand wraps and waited for  clinching to start.

???????????????????????????????  ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

A short clip of the Muay Thai from the fighters ring at Tiger Muay Thai

I clinched with the foreigner from the USA, with him being bigger, about 10 kg more it was good to work on my strength, he had ok technique.  Next I clinched with a Thai, he must have been no bigger than 50kg, but as usual the Thai’s have good strength and technique, at first I was getting him with some trips, but again getting tired easily I couldn’t keep this up.

After clinching I did Sit-up and finished.

Overall I liked the Muay Thai class, it felt tough and they worked you hard.  With the other people around you working on training for their fights, this will push you harder when you are getting ready for a fight.  The trainers also push you, I wasn’t fighting but the trainers worked me hard.  The USA guy was training for a fight and they were pushing him hard.  Good Muay Thai class.

After the class I went back to Tony’s, on the way back to Tony’s I saw some people selling some banana’s, I also bought some electrolytes.  This was too boost back up my energy, hoping to train again tomorrow.

I ate my food and came back to my room to relax.

Trip to Phuket – Part 1 – Travel + Phuket Top Team Gym

04/03 – Evening

I left my room in Bangkok at about 4:30pm.  It was a good idea I left this early, because I had to first get some new gloves from Twins shop at Lumpinee.  I got some 10 oz yellow ones, and I also got some new hand wraps also yellow.  I got yellow because I thought no one else would have this colour and it would be easy to spot if they were with everyone else’s gloves.  And with the hand wraps it proved to be good, because I put my hand wraps to dry after the morning session and easily found because no one had the same colour.

After getting the gloves and hand wraps I proceeded to go to the southern bus station, which is quite far west of Bangkok, over the Chao Phraya river, and keep going on and on.  I decided to take the MRT from Lumpinee MRT to Silom MRT, then walk to Saladaeng BTS.  I wanted to get as close as I could to the bus station on the BTS so I took the closest station I could and that was Talat Phlu BTS, Bang Wa BTS would have been better but is still under construction.  I think this will be another year or 2 before it opens.

From getting off Talat Phlu BTS I got a motorbike taxi.  Negotiating with taxi’s, motorbike or car is a lot easier in Bangkok then it is in Phuket.  The negotiations started with him asking me how much I wanted to pay, I really didn’t know how far it was, so started off with a low ball figure of 50 Baht.  He then gave me a face like he was in pain, and said to me 200 Baht.  I said 80, he said 150, I said 120, he said 130.  I agreed on this.

The journey from the BTS to the southern bus station was quite far, we were on the motorbike for about 20 minutes.  I had my map on my phone so was seeing the distance we were regularly.  We dodged through traffic, for some people this would be nerve-racking, but for me this was all good.  I was impressed by how well he weaved at speed through traffic.  I think this relaxedness comes from 4 years of driving on the crazy roads of Bangkok.

When we got to the bus station I gave him 140 Baht, because he has been a good driver and done it in good time.

I proceeded straight away to buy my ticket.  The bus I was offered at first was a VIP, this was 1050 Baht, too much for a trip to Phuket by bus, she asked me how much was ok for me to pay and I told her 700 Baht, she then offered me Express for 680 Baht, I was happy with that and took it.  Both busses took 12 hours to get there but one was more expensive.

My holiday had started so got myself a hot dog and strawberry smoothie from 7/11.  This was my meal for the journey, I then proceeded to the terminal and waited for the bus to arrive.  It was now about 7:30pm, and my bus was due to leave at 8:30pm.  I sat on a bench and drank my smoothie.  I had the girl who was working on the bus come talk to me.  She was asking me questions, I think to practice her English, which I was happy to help her with.

At 8pm I got onto the bus, and waited inside, was more comfortable than sitting on a hard bench.  I got into my seat and continued to read my book on my iPod.

The bus left a bit late, about 10 minutes after the advertised time of 8:30pm, but this is Thailand and nothing runs on time except the airport.  For the next 5 hours I watched movies on my iPod.  This passed the time quite quickly.

2 hours into the journey we stopped and had something to eat and after everyone had finished we proceeded onto Phuket.

We got to Phuket at about 7am, I got off the bus and was immediately asked by people waiting at the door if I wanted a taxi, as I walked to information I was asked another 2 times by 2 different people if I wanted a taxi.  If you are in the same situation turn it down, and got to the information and get from there.  Instead of going anywhere I decided to go and get something to eat.  I went to a restaurant next to the bus station.  I ordered my food, noodle soup.  I asked the  woman in the restaurant about bus or song tail into Phuket, she told me to wait a while.  5 minutes later while I was eating my food the song tail arrived.  I finished my food quickly and paid the 50 baht for the food, a little more expensive than Bangkok but this is Phuket, so things were expected to be more expensive.  Oh, I spoke in Thai to the woman, not sure if she spoke English, but easier for me to speak Thai to Thai people, what I’m used to.

I took the song tail to the next bus station, this cost 10 Baht.  If I had gone by taxi this would have cost me 300 Baht.  The bus station I was going to was called Bus station 1, the one I came from was bus station 2.

At Bus station 1 I was once again met by taxi drivers, this time was motorbike taxi drivers.  After realizing that I had no other option I took a motorbike taxi to the Phuket Top Team, this was less distance than the long journey in Bangkok but cost 150 Baht, and not much negotiating here either, they were not budging.

Once arrived at Phuket Top Team, I looked around the camp, but no one was there, being a Sunday the gym was closed.  one of the trainers was coming back from somewhere on his motorbike and I spoke to him.  He told me no one was here today.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I walked down the road away looking for somewhere to stay, my target was 500 Baht a night, I knew I wouldn’t get much cheaper.  I started to get worried when the first 2 places I looked in told me 1200 and 1100 Baht a night.  I kept on going down the road in hope of finding somewhere in my budget.  As I was walking along, someone called me, he was sitting down, he had a big belly, like he had been drinking too much beer.  He introduced himself, I can’t remember his name.  He asked me how long I was staying for.  I told him 4 days and was looking for 500 Baht a day, he said ok.  I agreed to pay day by day.  I was shown to my room, the room is nice, aircon, big room, fridge, WIFI, TV.  Everything I need for my stay.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The room I stayed in

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The sign you see opposite Tony’s apartment

After a shower and new clothes, I went to get something to eat.  I had some Western food, I am used to Thai food, so that’s why I call it western food.  I had a burger and chips (French fries for my American readers).

I went straight back to my room and sorted out all my things, and made everything organized.  Once this was done I started work on my business, and sorted out all my emails.  I did this for a few hours, then took a walk down the road.  Was nice walk, fresh air and felt good to be out of the big city.  If you walk down the road in Bangkok you feel like you are enclosed and not free and feel the pollution.

On the way back I saw a place selling pizza, so decided to get some.  I got a set for 200 Baht.  Pizza, Garlic Bread and coke.  The pizza was nice but a bit thin, the crust was crispy and dry, I couldn’t eat it all.  I paid my money and went back to my room to work again for a few hours.

I went to sleep at about 11pm.

The next day I woke up at 7am.  I went over to Phuket Top Team Gym and set up my things.


 Walk up to Phuket Top Team                               From outside of the gym


Large open space

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

2 Rings                                                                      Bag area

???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

   Sign                                                       Hook and uppercut pads and Bags

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Strength and conditioning area                                          People getting ready


The Muay Thai session went like this:

  • Skipping – 15 minutes.
  • Stretching
  • Shadow Sparring –  5 minutes
  • Bag work – 3 minutes x 3 rounds
  • Pad work – 3 minutes x 3 rounds
  • Sparring – 3 minutes x 3 rounds
  • 30 kicks on the bag
  • 200 Knee’s

The session at Phuket Top Team was good.  Whilst I was shadow sparring Robert looked at me and told me to turn into my kick and about my guard.  Two things you might think are nothing, but shows they look at you and alter what needs to be changed and move on.  As I looked around they were helping other people with technique, on whatever they needed.  They seemed to spend more time with beginners.

After the shadow sparring I went onto the bag.  On the bag there is no help as the trainers were all busy with other students.  There were about 7 or 8 trainers.  I worked on some things Coke (Buriram corner man/trainer) and Baan (96 Peenang trainer) had taught me an tried to improve these.


Kru Sak

I was taken on pads by Kru Sak.  1st round was about getting used to each other.  When you change a trainer it takes you a little while to get used to their style.  As the rounds went on he attacked a bit more, but not too much and I became tired more and more.  By round 3 I was dead.  I felt he could have shown me a technique or 2.  I was happy he didn’t treat me like a tourist and did pads similar to how they do with Thai fighters.  Overall the pads were good.

Next was sparing, I jumped out of the ring and put on my shin guards, sparring gloves and gum shield in mouth.

The sparring was good, lots of different levels, no one went hard, had some beginners and some people ok level.  Some guys I ended up helping.  I would have preferred to spar with Richy Green or one of the younger Thai’s.

After the session I talked with some of the Thai trainers about Buriram and Thailand.  half the trainers I talked with and got a good feeling from.

Overall the morning session was ok.  I got helped by Robert, the pad work got progressively better.

After training I went back to Tony’s (place where I was staying), I had some fruit for breakfast as I had a BJJ (Brazilian Ju-Jitsu) session at 10:30am and it was close to 10am.  Anything big could have made me sick in the session.

I went to Bjj session at 10:15.  I was greeted by Olavo. Professor Olavo Abreu is from Brazil and is a legend of BJJ.  A 3rd Degree Black belt under the legendary Calson Gracie Jnr.  He has won multiple titles.

???????????????????????????????Professor Olavo and Me

I got ready at the gym and waited for the session to start.  I was quite nervous and waited at the side.  I was greeted by some of the students, but still sat there, quite scared.  Olavo told everyone to line up.  We bowed and the session started with a warm up.

???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

Indoor MMA area

I am complete beginner in BJJ, I did 1 month with Bobby Gerits at 13 coins, and 3 months with Profession Adam Kayoom at Q23, both in Bangkok.  I had some basics.

I was happy with how Prof. Olavo broke things down, quite easy to understand and I learnt one technique.  my partner was another white belt, but had been doing BJJ for a while, he help me with this technique and I remembered it.  After drilling this technique Prof Olavi altered it a little.  Next we started rolling.  I used this technique we learnt today on him.  I was happy with this.  My next few opponents who I rolled with were above my level and got tapped by each and every one of them.

After rolling we did a drill, which again after learning one way Prof Olavo altered so could be used in a different way.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Door to the MMA cage

I liked the BJJ session, it felt good to be rolling again, I was tired towards the end of the session but learnt some new techniques.  There were many students, when Prof Olavo came to help me, he spotted a mistake I was doing with my technique and altered it, so it was tighter and more effective.  Hope I will remember these things for tomorrows session.

After the BJJ session, I went back to Tony’s at something rice and chicken, I had extra rice.  I ate this, showered and went to sleep.

I woke up at 3:15pm, got ready and went off to the gym, it was for MMA sparring.  Today it was boxing sparring.

Giom Faugier took the session, we did boxing.  First we started off with shadow sparring.

Next was defending against jab, cross, and front hook.  This drill was done slowly so you could work on your defenses.  Next was 65% power boxing sparring, 3 minutes each round, 6 rounds.  There was a good variation of sparring partners, big and small.  Different styles too.  I liked this, don’t get much of this in Bangkok.

Next in the session was no gi rolling.

I got slaughtered by everyone, wasn’t good for me!!  But shows they have some good talent here for me to roll with if I was to train at Phuket Top Team for an MMA fight or BJJ.

After  the training I could have gone straight into a muay Thai session but wanted to rest  after a hard first day back in training after a week off training.

I went back to Tony’s, showered and had something to eat.  Went back to my room and wrote this blog :D.


coconut Soup

05/03 – Evening

I have just completed my second day of training at Phuket Top Team and I may have over done it though.  Yesterday I didn’t think much, but today I was really tired by the last session.

I woke up at 7:10am and headed to Phuket Top Team gym, I arrived early so I could sort out my things.

The session went like this

  • Skipping – 15 minutes.
  • Stretching
  • Shadow Sparring –  5 minutes
  • Boxing Sparring – 3 minutes x 3 rounds
  • Pad work – 3 minutes x 3 rounds
  • Bag work – 3 minutes x 3 rounds
  • 50 Sit-ups together

The boxing sparring was good, again there was a variation of different people to spar with.

On Pads I was tired, maybe this was from yesterday or maybe not doing pads for a while.  I was a bit disappointed in Kru Sak as I thought he could have changed from yesterday and could have worked on technique with me, but he got me tired more and more, I wouldn’t have minded this style if I was getting ready for a fight, but as I was only here for 2 days I would have preferred some of his knowledge.

Video of everyone training Muay Thai

Every trainer is different and has their own style and teaches in a different way.  Whilst I was on the bag, I took a look around to see how the trainers taught.  Some were trying to get their student tired, others took time with their student and taught them things and improved their technique.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????  ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Everyone training

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

On the bag, I was alone due to the trainers were on pads with their students.

The sit-ups together was something new for me, we had one leg on top and other underneath and all held hands, was a new way to do sit-ups.


Everyone from the morning session                                                                                 .


Kru Robert

After the session I went back to Tony’s had my fruit platters, actually had 2.  I relaxed in my bedroom before I went off to the BJJ session.

The BJJ session was good again.  I enjoyed this for the 2nd day in a row.  Professor Olavo took the session and we started off with a warm up.  Next was Shrimping drills – forward and backwards shrimping, then shrimping using your partner to push off.

In the lesson we learnt one technique.  With my partner I would practice 2 times, he would practice 2 times, and carry on.  After drilling this we went on a drill to move the legs and get inside the guard.  These drills were simple, but effective.  After learning this we rolled with each other.  I had 4 different partners.  Because of learning little and not too much I could use the techniques I learnt yesterday and today.  Well tried to use.  The level of the white belts is good here.  Most of the class were White belts, and had about 4 blue belts.  All were experienced, well more experienced than me.  This helped me learn from them and improve.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The last part of the session was having one guy in the middle and the opponent trying to pass his guard.  This was fun, as soon as someone passed the guard that person would stay on for the next opponent unless the defending person won.

Video of people rolling in BJJ


Everyone in the BJJ session

After the session I went back to Tony’s had some chicken and rice, had a shower and went to sleep for a few hours.

I didn’t check out the Strength and conditioning class yesterday, so I want to go and watch it today, I knew my body was too tired to actually do this class.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????

The class was Taken by Anthony Leone.  The class was about power lifting today.  During the class Anthony showed people the right technique on different lifts, and watched closely when people lifted, if someone did the technique wrong he corrected them.  I think this would be a good lesson for me to take if I trained here long term.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Some motivation signs at Phuket Top Team

I waited till 4pm for the wrestling class to start, the wrestling class was taken by Andrew Leone.  This was my second wrestling class ever.  I had previously taken one with Connor, can’t remember his second name at BJJ BKK.

The class started with warm up, soon after it went into shooting drills, I had done this before but had been a long time, so looked at other people doing the drill.  Next was sprawling, next was sprawl and then shoot.  Andrew told people to add combo’s before or after the sprawl or shoot.  What helped this was Andrew was doing the drills too, which helped give me some guidance, as sometimes wasn’t sure.

From what I gathered this drill takes repetition to get to a good level, so the more you do the better you get.

During all instructions Andrew was very vocal, so you could hear him when he wanted to give instructions or teach something.

We were told partner up.  We learnt 2 technique today.  Very well instructed and easy to follow.  The instruction started with something simple, just 1 step and bit by bit built up.  I think this helped as I didn’t have a clue about wrestling.  By the time we got the more advanced part I was flowing through it quite well.

Andrew would be practicing with his brother Anthony, so a lot of the techniques you would be practicing with your partner, however I felt he gave good instruction at the start for everyone to get one with the technique.  I did one time ask Andrew about a sweep and he showed where to sweep and how to make effective.  So if you did ask he would come and help.

After practicing the technique we wrestled.  We wrestled with 3 different people.  This was very different for me as I had never done this before, but I soon got into a flow.  I even nearly beat someone, but majority of the time they would beat me, haha.

Overall for the wrestling class, I enjoyed it and took away some techniques from the class which were easy to remember whilst being effective.  I would have to work on them to make better, but that’s what time is for.  I was happy with the way Andrew helped when asked, and even Anthony came and helped when he saw a mistake I was making with my partner.  GREAT CLASS!!!

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Me with  Anthoney Leone                                                          Me with Andrew Leone

After the class I waited and watched the Muay Thai for 50 minutes.  About 10 minutes before finishing, the trainers asked me to help with some clinching, even though I had rested for 50 minutes I was still tired from all the training I had done today, and I wasn’t the same.  The Thai’s were the usual selves, good clinchers, but my tiredness made me easy to put on the floor, which made me a little made, but that is the game we play.

At 6pm the Western Boxing class started.  It was taken by Giom Faugier, we did similar to the MMA sparring class.  We did some defensive drills, this time was defending the jab and counter with a jab, next was defending a cross and counter with a cross, and then improve to cross hook cross, next was defending a body hook and come back with cross, hook, cross.  Next was sparring.

The level of sparring partners is good, no one gave into easily and I hit as much as I hit them.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Boxing Class

The boxing class overall was g ood.  I felt I could have been given some tips on improving for my technique.

Today’s training at Phuket Top Team was great, I learnt a lot, but I think I over did it with too many sessions.  I was tired all day, and I don’t think I gave my body enough time to recover and felt fatigued.  On the other hand I was only here for 2 days, so wanted to test as much as I could in that time.

After training I went back to Tony’s, had a steak with rice, a banana shake to eat, and I treated myself with pancakes and ice cream.

Trip to Buriram and fighting

22/02 Close to midnight on the Bus

I am on the bus, on the way to Phutthaisong with my friend Nikkie, not met in long time so good to see her, she is going back to see her parents for the long weekend..  This is going to be a mad experience I think, just because was told I was fighting tomorrow on the 23rd, that has now changed to 24th, wouldn’t be surprised if that changed again to tomorrow.

I will be staying with my friend Boom’s cousins family, they looked after me last time and I trust they will do the same again this time. 🙂

Today traffic was real bad because Monday is a Thai holiday and everyone is going back home for the long weekend, so had to budge through many people to get to the ticket agent and then again to the bus.

If you have lived in Thailand you will know about Thai peoples walking speed, it is annoyingly slow and they always seem to move in front of you like they have a radar on their back.  This slowness isn’t just at the bus station it is in the street also, but just something you have to live with living in the land of smiles :D.

Back to the fighting part, so far I have been told I will be fighting on the 24th, 26th so far, I personally will fight every day, but we will see what happens.  Will be picked up by the gym when I arrive in Phutthaisong.


I finally arrived in Phutthaisong at about 3:30am.  I was very tired it had been a long journey and I don’t sleep on buses or planes or any transport I prefer my bed :D.  I said good bye to Nikkie and went to Dit’s house.  He picked me up and  took me to the fighters room.  I fell to sleep quite quickly.

DSC04660 DSC04661 DSC04662 DSC04664 DSC04665

The next morning I was woken by the fighters getting up for their morning run, I woke up slightly at about 7am and then went back to sleep, then again at about 9am the fighters came back from morning training, I again went back to sleep.  At 10am I was woken by one of the fighters.  He was taping my foot, and this was the time to wake up.  So I got showered and this woke me up.  This was due to the water being cold and this refreshed me, QUICKLY!!!!

I went with the fighters to 7/11 on a motorbike with a side car, we went and bought a big bottle of milk, juice and a burger.  Went back to the house.  Next we got in the pick-up and went to the gym, we stayed there for a little while.  We picked up some more people a few fighters and people and went off to the fight event at the Temple.

Dit parked the car at his friends who was also promoting the event, we had something to eat at the promoters house, the adults also had a few whiskeys and then went  off to the temple to watch the fights.

I met an old face whilst at the fights, Ajarn Hit, he trained me in Bangkok when I owned a gym.

Me and Hit

Because it is a Thai holiday there was a festival going on at the temple, I think most temples in Thailand.  At this festival there was a muay Thai ring for the muay Thai, a stage for singers, food stalls and places to play games.

Most of the fights were kids, this is where the top fighters all start, at these small events, gain a lot of fight experience, then go to Bangkok in the mid teens and hope of being the next superstar of Lumpinee or Rajadamnern.

DSC04672 DSC04673 DSC04674

Getting Ready for his fight

DSC04675 DSC04676

Fighters ready for battle

DSC04677 DSC04678 DSC04679 DSC04681

Break for the fighter

DSC04684 DSC04685 DSC04686 DSC04687 DSC04688 DSC04689 DSC04690 DSC04699 DSC04700 DSC04701 DSC04702

As the fights went on the size of the fighters got bigger until there was fighters at around 60kg, as the event went on the skill level of the fighters increased.

There was 15 fights in total, 4 fighters from the gym fought, the first kid got beaten on points, the 2nd kid won on points, 3rd fighter won in round one he went on the attack and won with 29 knee’s to the chest of his opponent.

DSC04696 DSC04694

First round win, KO by knees!!!

DSC04697 DSC04698

The 4th won also on points, so a good day for Geatpondip.

Buriram Police / Security

Buriram Security don’t mess around, have big sticks to beat you down!!!

After the fights we went back to the promoters house and had some drinks, again the adults had some whiskey, offered me some too, but because my fight tomorrow I couldn’t.

Muay Siam Isaan area Title Belt Worker from Muay Siam with the belt

Someone from the magazine Muay Siam had a belt for the Isaan Area.

After they went back to the gym.

Bag area at Geatpondip Muay Thai Gym Gloves used at Geatpondip Muay Thai Gym Weights at Geatpondip Muay Thai Gym

A quick look at the gym.

I stayed at the gym for a short time, I had to go see my friends in a nearby village.  I went there and had some talks.  There was a fair on at the local market, so me and Doo-ey went there, she bought some food.  As we were leaving she asked if I wanted to play a shooting game, normally I don’t play these fair games, but I thought I would give it a go, in the end I won 3 small toys and 2 juices.

Local Market in Krabueang Nok Thai people love the lottery Stage being made ready for a show ???????????????????????????????

Stage for comedy and singing                                            Kids Bouncy Castle/Slide

Throw the darts, get all 3 and win a prize ???????????????????????????????

Throw Darts, hit 3 balloon and win a prize

I won 5 teddy's and 2 juices ???????????????????????????????

Ready with the rifle

??????????????????????????????? Shoot and see what you win

After this we all went to visit Boom’s father


We then went back to Doey’s home and had dinner.


I then took the journey back to the fighters room, this was  long dark journey, also cold.  In the country side of Thailand there is nowhere to keep the heat the same as Bangkok, so it was quite cold, this is nice in your room because you don’t need air con like you do in Bangkok.

24/02 – Evening

What an eventful day, if your ever in Thailand you need to come to Isaan.  There are things I like about Bangkok, but also things I like about Isaan, well currently in Buriram province.  But the life out here is more relaxed, everything you don’t much, the air is cooler at night meaning you don’t need air con.  In Bangkok the heat seems to stay trapped in the city.  Bangkok on the other hand is really busy and you sometimes feel like you are going 100 mph, even riding the motorbike I ride faster.  Your room gets hotter at night and sometimes a fan isn’t good enough help to keep you cool and for you to sleep.

Anyway, I’m currently here and today was the 1st fight of a planned 3 for me this week.  The morning I got up again at 6am I think when the fighters went to run, then again when they got back.  So around 8am got up and went and got ready.  Not being woken up by one of the fighters this time but just noise from cartoons on the TV.  Doraemon I think it is called, from Japan.

About 1 hour later I went to the gym on the motorbike with side cart.  We got to the gym and chilled for a while, the kids played some football, I didn’t play because of the fight.  At about 12pm we left for the same temple festival we went to yesterday, this time I sat in the back with the other fighters, was quite windy going there, had to go down but hard with quite a few people in the trailer.

Moving at 100 kpmh, but he doesnt care ??????????????????????????????? Getting in some sleep ??????????????????????????????? Me in the Pick up truck

They parked up at the same house as yesterday and chilled at the house for a while, some of the guys went to the temple and I followed.  They found an area with shade and laid the mats down.  They told me to sleep, so I lay down and went to sleep on the mat with my bag as a pillow.

I slept for about 1 hour and then woke, had my toilet break and came back and relaxed, my fight happened at about 3pm, so getting ready was a quick one, no tape, hand wraps on, rub down with Vaseline and boxing oil and ready to fight.  I put on some shorts from the gym, because the elastic in mine had gone, their shorts fit pretty nicely.  The gloves that were provided were pretty poor and only 6oz, I didn’t mind this but I know my opponent would have the same.

When I was walking to the ring, all eyes were on me, was quite scary at the same time exciting, not sure the last time a foreigner had fought there but they all looked pretty excited.

The Wai Kru was short, just to the four corners, bowing in the middle of the ring and back to my corner.

Me and my opponent ???????????????????????????????

Me and my opponent


From what I remember the fight started slow, I was told by my corner man Coke Fairtex to start steady and build up, I think this was a points thing.

I don’t remember much from the fight just a few things, if you fight you will know this, an outside can remember more.   I feel in this fight I improved a lot from my last, and my clinch was a lot better, I have to thank 96 Peenang for that as the boys there are top notch at it!  I tripped him up 3 times curing the fight, this was something I had never done before to a fighter, I knee’d him more than I ever had before, I feel this part of my game has got better and I’m excited to go back to 96 Peenang and work with the boys again.  Also my fitness was there, have to thank Baan for pushing me hard on the pads and the bag, he gave me all sorts of advice training up to this fight.  I do now think 96 Peenang will be my long term gym in Bangkok.

The end result was a loss, but I was happy with my improvements and look forward to my fight on the 26th in 2 days time, I don’t have any injuries so will be back stronger, I will take some medicine and eat well.

The other weird thing about this fight was as soon as my opponents hand was raised there was some serious booing coming from the crowd, I wasn’t sure at the time what this was, but I thought, god damn what have I done!!!

When I got out the ring, all the Thai people were shaking my hand, thumbs up.  If you have ever fought in Thailand and fought well you will get the same reaction, I think it is due to they like to see good skill from a foreign fighter or heart.

The collect of my fight money was funny.  I went over and collected it from the promoter, this was whilst I was still in the ring, the envelope was bulging, I was like what happened here, no way they could be giving me more than 1000 or 1500, when I gave to my corner man, he told me he thought the same.  After I took off my gloves, hand wraps, shorts, I then went to shower. After my shower Coke gave me the envelope full of money, I opened it and found it was 1000 Baht but in 20 Baht notes, so we all had a laugh about this.

We watched the rest of the fights, some quite nice ones, one of the lads scored a clean elbow to his opponents chin and the other lad was out cold, one of the best ko’s I had seen in a long while.

Win by Elbow KO

We went back to the promoters house and I had a sneaky whiskey to help with the bumps and bruises.  We again waited for Pi Dit to come, we then went back to the gym.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Me and Coke (my corner man)                                               People watching the show

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Lady boys dancing

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Random people posing 😀


Pi Dit having a cheeky whiskey

Again I sat in the back of the pick-up truck and took the long journey home.

When we got back to the gym, we relaxed and watch some fights on TV from Rangsit stadium, most girls, but some had good skills in the clinch

After a while we played some football with the kids inside the gym, Dit was on one team I was on the other. was really fun.

The gym has a really nice feeling of family, you get that with most gyms, but few allow you to enter, you sometimes kept on the outside as a paying customer at some gyms.

I decided that because I don’t have a fight tomorrow I would go back and stay with Doo-ey and her family.

26/02 – Afternoon

I am thinking Buriram is helping with my sleep patterns too.  I am way to distracted in Bangkok, and seem to stay up later than I should, however in Buriram I am sleeping around 10 or 11pm, and waking up at 8am, well sometimes earlier, but then I look at the time and go back to sleep 😀

Yesterday was a chill out day, because today I have a fight in the evening.  Yesterday morning I woke around 8:30am, went back to sleep for 1 hour then woke up at 9:30am.  I got washed, had breakfast and relaxed.

I wanted to get some medicine to help quicken up the healing process of my foot and wrist, and it has done the job!!!  The ride to the pharmacy is about 10km away, so was a long ride in the Isaan heat, but the wind helped cool down everything.  After the pharmacy, Duey wanted to go to buy some things from a local shop, we went there and then carried on home.

We got back, but not too long after Duey asked me if I wanted to go to get lunch for her father, I said ok, she rode the bike, with me in the passenger seat behind her, I bought the noodles and drinks  for them.  When it was all ready we went off to her father’s field to give them lunch.  I also bought one for myself, was good noodles!!!!


When we got back from the rice field we relaxed and chilled out.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Me with one of the Twins


Doey eating with her daughters

Later in the day I heard lots of music coming from the road, the 2 twins got quite excited and started running around back and forth from the house, screaming, but no words, just a crazy excited fit.

I went over to look and I took some pictures, I was thinking what is going on, everyone was wearing white, so I knew it was something to do with Buddhism.  The Thai people in the shop asked if I wanted to go to the temple, I said no, it’s ok.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Every one is wearing white, something I had never seen before

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Music Car

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Guitar and Cartoon were still excited, so I gave them some money to give to the monks, they were very happy.

As I was walking back to the house Duey came walking in a white shirt, and had one for me also, she asked if I wanted to go, I said ok.  I thought it would be just a short walk to the temple, but it ended up in a 4-5km walk, which made me tired, not something I wanted a day before my fight.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Monks walking in file                                                              Sign made by the children


Offering to the monks

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

So many people

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

People walk in 2 single file lines

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


Drying out the rice

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Even the dog join in.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

coconut Tree                                                                Entrance to the temple

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Symbol of Krabuaeng Nok                Thai Farmer                    Kids getting water

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Camera men

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

People at the side of the road to get good luck

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Yep I walked all the way

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Walk and walk and walk

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Here is a video of people walking.

The festival was called venetian.  For a while I didn’t know what it was, I personally thought it was someone being brought in to monk hood.  We walked through many roads and communities.  Would have been good for leg strengthening, but for the fact of the fight tomorrow it wasn’t a good idea.

After they got back to the temple I went on home, I was tired and wanted to rest.  I  went to lie on the hammock, this felt good and rested my legs.

??????????????????????????????? Eating with Doey and the twins Twins

That evening we had a range of food, which were all good.  I ate all.  Think being here is letting me eat more things.  Bit by bit I think the foods will get stranger and stranger, these ones were normal though.

??????????????????????????????? Sticky tape to stop the bugs escaping Farming the bugs

Bugs which will be eaten                     Tape to stop escapes                            Doey’s mum feeding the bugs

Today I got up at about 10am, give myself a good rest because of the fighting coming up tonight.   I had breakfast and then got a little work done.

Now ready for the fight.

27/02- on the bus to Bangkok

I have to say these guys from Buriram are tough guys and I now understand why a lot of great fighters come from this province of Thailand and go onto fight and become big names in Bangkok.

I thought they would ease me into fights, but both of the fights have been very tough.  Even though both fights didn’t go the way I wanted, I was happy as I improved and I won the respect of the fight crowd which I have been told is harder in Isaan then it is in Bangkok.

I had some personal issues that I had to attend to so I have had to come back to Bangkok early.  I am back over there in about 3 weeks time, should be going straight back into fights, I will stay there for 2 weeks.  Not sure what the future holds, but now they have seen how I fight, they can match me up with some more opponents.  I don’t expect this to be an easy task at all, but a good learning curve and a great way for me to gain a lot of experience and then when I’m ready come back to Bangkok and go for it there.

I left Duey’s around 4pm as I had to get ready to go to the fight.   I went to the fighters room to drop off my bag and get everything ready.  I relaxed there for an hour or 2.  Then went off to the gym to eat with everyone.


Me with some of the guys from the gym


                                                                                All eat together.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

They found I had the camera and took many pictures, here are a few

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Clowning around

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

At about 7pm we left the gym and went to a make shift ring in the middle of a field.  The quality of fights was a lot higher than the one at the temple on the 24th.  At the temple you had to pay 20 Baht to get in and you had a selection of the stage show with singers and comedy or the muay Thai fights.  But the one on 26th was only muay Thai and was 200 Baht entrance fee.  For Thai and foreigners.

Muay Thai Ring

Once we got in, we set up the mats.  We had blankets and pillows, this was nice because I could have a nap before my fight.  Again when the fight came up it was a quick rub down, nothing like you get in Bangkok.   I wrapped my own hands with cotton hand wraps.  No tape.  I think this is because it’s a cost saver, unless you’re fighting at the big stadiums and not making money for the gym it’s not worth it for them, not sure but just my opinion.

Before my fight

Before my fight with Coke and Gae

This fight was different to the last ones, this one was hard from the start, and it was an up in class.  My opponent didn’t look over 18, but was solid. We went kick for kick, punch for punch.  I knew I was in a fight.  I was putting more pressure on him then my last opponent.  My down fall came in the 3rd round, I got hit with a clean elbow on the cheek (I think this because this was hurting after the fight).  He knocked me down I got the 10 count.  I fought back, but I think he got me in the clinch and one knee to the solar plexus and it hit the sweet spot where you can’t breath after the do this and I was out and it was over.

Coke who has been cornering me has been a very good corner man, he has spotted things very quickly to improve me, and gives me advice on what I’m doing right and wrong and this sticks in my head more than it does in training, because you remember this and can go and use the things you have learnt in your next fight a few days later.   I like fighting a lot, I feel for me this is a great way to improve my level.  I have been told my right kick has power, but don’t kick off the left because it doesn’t connect, so time to work on the left kick.


Gae before his fight

Gae, one of the other fighters fought again, in his last fight he KO’d his opponent with an elbow, out cold.  This fight he won by elbow again, here is the video of his fight.  Very dangerous with elbows.

Here is a video from his fight


After his fight!!

After the fight I sat in the back or the Pick-up truck with Coke, Gay and Tii.  We had pillows and blankets so the cold winds didn’t get to us.  We talked about football and teams and the leagues on the way back.  Only been a week, but a great friendship between us.

Before we went home we went to 7/11, Dit paid me my fight money – 2000 Baht, and also bought some food and drink from 7.11 for everyone.

We then went back home and slept.

On the 27th something came up in Bangkok so I had to come back this evening, which I am doing right now, on the bus back to Bangkok.

After We all woke up and got ready we went to the local internet cafe and went on the internet for 1 hour.  We then went to Phutthaisong, had something to eat.

Eating in Phutthaisong

We then went to a temple celebration, which was also turned into a huge market with another singing and comedy show, this time the show was a little more pleasing, it had some sexy dancers on there around the singer, I think this attracted some people who would have never come to see it.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

                                                                     Sexy Dancers doing their thing

???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

Best bit about the show

Thai Man doing his this

Thai woman dancing

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Going to the temple to pay respect                        Gae putting the gold foil on the Buddha Monk

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Tii putting the gold foil on the Buddha Monk        Coke putting the gold foil on the Buddha Monk

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Me putting the gold foil on the Buddha Monk


??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

At the market there was shooting games, dart games which we all played together.  We also did some shopping, I got myself some new yellow hi-tops, Man utd shirt, sun glasses and a shirt.

We went to the temple to show respect, we put the gold foil on the Buddha and flowers in the temple area and prayed.

Once we were finished we went back to the fighters room at Dit’s house.

???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????

We had a nap before going off to the gym to train.  Because there was a lot of fighters fighting there was no training, kick the bags, clinch, sparring.  I was told when a fighter has a fight 2 weeks before that’s when they do hard training, but because they fight so often, and get experience from the ring, it happens when the fighter has not fought in a while.

We took the motorbike with a side cart to the gym, we stopped about 1km away from the gym and took a light run.  Running the day after your fight, your legs feel so heavy and even 1km feels hard.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Massage before their fight tomorrow

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I did 1 round of bag work and clinched with Coke for 5 minutes, my body felt so tired.  Must have been from the fights.  I tripped him up a few times, but more times he took me down with simple trips, I will learn these from him when I’m back next time :D.

After training we went by the a bridge which was really cool for a bridge, we relaxed there and took some pictures.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

After we can back to the gym, had dinner after everyone had finished training.  All the food prepared here tastes really good and I’m not scared to try something new.

After dinner went back to the fighters room only light we had was from Gae’s phone


I prepared everything, showered and went to catch the bus, got there just in time!!!

My opinion so far of the time I have spent here with Duey and her family and the fighters and everyone at the gym is brilliant.  They have all taken care of me.  I couldn’t be happier.  I made friends really quickly.  The fighters here are all welcoming and the kids are excited most of the time.  The Thai people here like to joke and smile all the time, which is a trait of a lot of Thai people, but more so in Isaan I think because life isn’t as stressful as it is in Bangkok.

The time I spent with Duey’s family, they made me feel part of the family.  And they are some of the most genuine people I have met.  I will be coming back in April or May to help with some rice farming for a week, will help Duey’s family and also the dad of my friend Boom with his rice farming.  If you want to come and help and get a great experience at the same time, contact me and you are more than welcome to come help out.

Geatpondip Gym is a great gym, I quickly got the feeling of a family and it took a day or 2 before they we less shy of me, but once they knew me a little better we became good friends.  And even though I have been with them for 1 week I feel part of the family.  I don’t mind paying for things because I know they will do the same for me.

I feel coming to Isaan has and will continue to improve me as a fighter and a person.

Thank you all for reading.

Getting ready for Isaan and new things in Bangkok

Next chapter I feel is going to Isaan, well Buriram and get a whole load of experience fighting in the ring.




In December went to Phutthaisong to meet my friends Francis and Boom.

Francis, Sita, Boom in Khorat City


This was the 3rd time I had been to visit them in Booms home village Krabueang Nok.

Everything there is all chilled and very different to the big city of Bangkok.  I stayed with Booms Cousin whilst there, the house was modern Thai country style, but had wifi which was a relief as I still had to run my business.


Most of the day while we were there we would sit outside and relax, watch TV, and generally not do much, as there wasn’t much to do.


Having lunch with Sita, Doeys Daughters and Doey.


Staying here was a lot of fun, and a different feeling to life, Bangkok is busy and a go go attitude, here you are all relaxed.


Me and Francis Bought BBQ for everyone one evening

BBQ night                                                                             Me and Francis Rock!!!

Always time for Beer                                             But Boom likes is wine coolers, its a girls drink!!!


 Me with the kids


 wanted to do the fighters fist with me 😀



Boom and Francis Introduced me to the local gym.

The gym has recently been opened and has a nice clean look and has a good stable of fighters which I will be clinching and  sparring with.

The one in the yellow shorts is so strong, going to be fun clinching with him.


The everyone in front of the gym.




During my trip in December I faught one time for this gym, I got the win and was happy that I showed them I am able ad have potential for them.  I was suppose to fight several times on that trip but got sick and rested instead.  The same day I got sick it went super cold, I think around 10 or 15 degree celcius.  This doesn’t seem like much if you are in England, but if your used to 30 degrees everyday it hits you.  I was told all the fighters who faught in the cold were shivering in the ring and didn’t fight as hard, totally understandable.






I leave for Phutthaisong on the 18th or 19th February due to some business with monster muay thai.  I will fight several fights in 1 week, so will be an experience, most I have faught in 1 week was 3, I have been told 7 fights, so will be a challenge.

The thing I found about fighting in Isaan is they don’t fight as hard because the same week they could be fighting again, unlike Bangkok in the big stadiums where you will train hard for 3 weeks to get ready for a fight, and in Bangkok will be some hard faught fights.


Just before leaving I met the guy who will be my promoter and is a legend of muay thai, if you don’t know who he is Google him!  Rotnarong was a legend and still is.  He recently faught in a massive show with a 2 million Baht bet on, check out this.


As you can see from the pictures he won a lot, if I remember rightly he was Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Champion.  Later I will do a piece on him.









I am quite excited about going back and fighting a whole load.


While on the way back to Bangkok Myself, Francis, Sita, Boom and Kid went to visit Phi Mai.

This place is not as well known as Ayutthaya but has the old temple, it is really nice to go and see the old Thailand.  Francis told me, they worked their people to death trying to make all the buildings.


We took some pretty cool pics.


































The one thing I don’t like to do is change gyms, but when you are receiving no help and no pad work, and you are paying, I feel that it isn’t worth my money.  As a fighter you always want to be receiving tips, even when you get to a high level, look at Giorgio Petrosyan, he improves and gets better as he goes through his fights, which is scary.  If you are not getting tips you stay still in what your doing, however if you receive some advice you can practice that and try and improve.


What happened at Por Onnut is the old trainers left and new trainers were brought in, the new trainers didn’t seem to care.  Afternoon session, would be bag work – 20 mins x 2, clinching for 30 mins, also a run to start, but nothing else.


I have moved onto 96 Peenang,  I went there and straight away the feel is different, helping you sometimes small and sometimes big, even small things I can go away and learn on the bag.  I will be here for 2 weeks before going off to Phutthaisong, then when I come back to Bangkok straight back to 96 Peenang.



Some pictures of the camp I will be at.

















Boxing Skills and Master Toddy

Today I had my first real spar since leaving Master Toddy’s gym, I sparred with the biggest kid at Bor. Pinyo gym, even though he was good, my reach was too long for him.


I sparred with 2 bigger guys, one at about 80kg, taller than me and 67kg similar height, not sure about reach.


Against these guys was my first test of the boxing skills Master Toddy had given to me in the year I trained with him.


I again thank Master Toddy for helping my boxing skills, I originally went to him as I was looking for a new gym and my friend Ken recommended him due to him having great coaching in boxing.


When I first went to him my hands were terrible, anyone can back this up who was there when I first arrived, during the time people had seen the continuous improvement, week by week, month by month.


Over the year I was with him, I did endless drills, sparring which bit by bit helped my hands, eyes and feet get better up to the level I’m at now.


So today’s sparring was great to let my hands go and spar with Iggy and Lemhi, I was happy with how I sparred because I moved well, defended well and attacked.  More boxing sparring will be fun.


Thank you again to the wise man Master Toddy



This weeks training at Bor. Pinyo – 2012

This week has been up and mostly down, illness, staying up late, bringing my 2 friends from the states from the airport to their new homes for a few months.


So Monday was awesome training, learn’t a few new techniques and relaxed more on the pads, feel like I will just be jelly with all this relaxing, but besides the jelly, it is bringing on everything in my techniques, helping them improve.  Tuesday was more technique and refining old technique


Tuesday Evening/Wednesday morning (2am), yes they finally got in, after immigration took their time with nacho (Ignacio) and limhi.

I helped them settle in, but I must have got something from somewhere cos during Wednesday session I felt sick, aching all over the body, so had to stop early, no pads, just 2 rounds on the bag and that was me done.


Wednesday I was done, no training, just a big sleep and rest, didn’t want to but have to recover, no point training through sickness, would have got worse.


Got back into training on Thursday afternoon, some light training, bag work, pads, clinching and I was done. I did my first clinching session with Limhi and Nacho, was good, both are bigger than me, I have done most with Limhi, he is similar size, a few KG heavier, and has similar level clinch skills


Friday came an increase, I did 3 rounds on the bag, oh forgot to say each round is 10 mins, lol.

So yeah, 3 rounds and pads.  The technique I remember from Friday is kick, bring the leg across to stop your opponent attacking you, grab his arms down at the same time, bring the foot down and then spin and trip your opponent, so yeah learning clinching techniques while doing pads.  Thats why its awesome, on pads, learning everything.


Today I did 4 rounds on the bag, sparring with Limhi, really light with no shin guards, was good fun, then after went to clinch, Limhi is a quick learner, he was getting me with some of the things he learn’t or just didn’t show them on Thursday, all round awesome training.


I now look forwards to learning more with Ajarn Choke and Ajarn Maake and working with Limhi and Nacho, going to be great fun.

1 session at Watcharachai Gym – 2012


Back on the 7th July I trained at Watcharachai Gym.

The session started with a Warm up of skipping for im not sure how long, I just stopped when the others stopped.

I then got some hand wraps and wrapped my hands, other people had the trainers wrap their hands, I have my prefered way to wrap my hands, so I did this myself.

I did some shadow sparring, just loosening up the legs and arms, having a stretch, making sure everything was ready.

Next I went onto the bag for about 4-5 rounds, on the bag I didn’t get any instruction, I just did my own thing, went though combo’s, just going over different things.

I was then called into the ring to do pads, something I noticed about the ring, under foot it felt quite solid and hard.  For pads I went with Warcharachai, this guy knows how to hold pads and look for certain things to help you improve. Whilst on pads he worked on basics, such as my stance.  Every instructor is different and wants you to stand different.  Watarachai wanted me to have my back foot facing forward so it was easier to throw the back leg and cross.  I felt on the pads he worked me hard, by the end of the 5 rounds I was tired, well round 3 was tired because hadn’t really hit pads for months, but kept going.

Next I did sparring with different training partners, some bigger some smaller, was nice to spar with different skill levels.  I lastly sparred with Watcharachai, he is very good, well that could be an understatement, he is very quick, in and out, and makes you make mistakes.  Was a whole lot of fun, in the 5 mins I sparred with him, I think I only tagged him 1 or 2 times, while he got me a whole load of times.

We finished off with 200 knees and 100 teeps.

Overall this has a nice friendly and family atmosphere, they have 4 thai’s all of which to my knowledge fight in the big stadiums in Bangkok, and I think 2 have belts under Rajadamnern Stadium.

Great little gym to go train in, you will receive a hard session whilst receiving good technique!!

New gym i am training at – Bor. Pinyo – 2012

I left Master Toddy’s gym about 3 weeks ago and now I have moved to a gym in another part of Bangkok called Onnut.

I went to many gyms before I decided I would go to this gym.

So far I have been here for  3 weeks and I have learn’t so much technique, I feel like my level is increasing on a daily basis!!

I have attached a video of me doing pads with Ajarn Maake, this guy has created many champions and I hope to be his next.


Let me know what you think



Have a goal and go for it!!!!

In life everyone has a a goal or dream.

So frequently in life many people will tell you, you cant do this, you won’t make it and when its not looking to bright something you will just listen to them.  They are the none believers who don’t take risks and won’t achieve much in life.


In life you will fall down, fail, but the main thing is you get back up and learn from what went wrong and try again!!!


I have had a few businesses, the 1st big business business I had was my muay thai gym, which everyone was saying that it could work, had some doubters.  There was a few months, 3-4 months where the gym wasn’t doing well, then in the 5th month it went well, and I started to reap the reward for all my hard work, then boom it was taken away by my cheating partners, I now look back on this and I look that the gym is now failing because they chucked me out and saw the money and wanted it, very short sighted!!!


After this, it took me about 10 months to come up with my next idea, which was Monster Muay Thai, selling muay thai equipment.  I put my idea’s forward and asked a few people, had a few doubters and a few people who said it would be good, both sides gave very good positive and negative messages.  But for some reason I think some of the doubters had their own shops and were a little scared of the competition.


At the point of starting this company I had just forked out 47000 Baht to a private hospital to get a nose op, cos it was broken, doctors refused to do it while I was awake, sucked could have saved a heap, would have hurt like a bitch though, but I didn’t care.  So while I was in hospital I was thinking about this a lot, and I just started selling on ebay, this went well, so then I started looking for a website which I could build my own site.  I found this and then bit by bit built up the website, starting with shorts, adding more everyday.  Then equipment until I got everything in I wanted.


I can now say I earn a nice little living from the business, which gives me some extra spending money.


I am now in the process of starting a new higher end muay thai clothing, so hoping for this new venture to go well.


So just as you can see I have doubters but I don’t care, I just go and do it.


My company is Monster Muay Thai